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When it comes to designing the perfect lapel pin, the options are limitless. On top of your basic pin design, there’s a wide variety of additional enhancements, colors and finishes. Plus there’s lots of different options for the attachment on the back of your pin, and a huge variety of packaging. If the choice seems overwhelming don’t worry – we’re here to help. Let our talented customer care team help you decide on the perfect custom lapel pin for you. Call us at (877)-312-9794 or complete our free price quote to get started!



Hard wearing, with a discreet, silver finish that’s ideal for award pins.


Soft and burnished with an honest-to-goodness country look for festival pins.

Black Nickel

Dark and lustrous – a stylish choice for contemporary, designer pins.

Spray Black

Rich and dark, for low-key pins with gravitas that make a statement.


Radiant and shining – the classic finish for achievement pins and medals

Antique Gold

Soft and gleaming with a gentle, dark-gold color, ideal for service pins.


Bright and brilliant – a great complement to gold medals and certificate pins.

Antique Silver

Silvery with an aged look, excellent for historical replicas and theme pins.


An unusual, warm finish, which looks great on anniversary pins.

Antique Copper

The warm rose tones of copper, darkened to mimic the patina of age.


Butterfly Clutch

Also known as a military clutch, this popular fastening is neat and secure.

Rubber Clutch

Available in black or yellow, this is an elegant and economical fastening.

Screw Back

A highly secure fastening, ideal for pins that do not need to be removed often.

Button Clutch

For high-value pins this locking version of the butterfly clutch has a more sturdy feel.

Safety Pin

The most traditional fastening with a safety-lock – ideal for children’s pins.


Perfect for when you do not want to puncture clothing.

Long Pin

Also known as a hat pin or stick pin, this secure, modern style is easy to attach.

Earring Post

Similar to a military clutch, but thinner and made of a non irritant metal such as silver or gold



Add a little sparkle to your lapel pin with glass crystals. They can turn an ordinary pin into a piece of jewelry, or use them as the eyes of an animal or mascot. We have a wide variety of lapel pin crystal colors to choose from as well. Crystals are just 10 cents per crystal per pin.


Put on the glitz and add glitter to your lapel pin design – one of the cheapest ways to add a sparkle of glamour. It costs just an extra 10 cents per pin for one glitter color or 15 cents per pin for two colors.

Glow Enamel

Another economical way to add interest and pin appeal to your lapel pins, costing just 20 cents per color, per pin. Special glow enamel looks amazing, but is only available in a limited range of colors, so let us know if this is an option you want, and our designers will work with you to create the perfect design.


You can’t miss a lapel pin that has a tiny battery-powered light flashing on and off – especially at night. This is one of our most popular pin enhancements. Blinkers cost just $1.25 for one light and $2.24 for two per pin.

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