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Whatever sports pin you are making adding some glitter, glow, or glitter will only enhance the value of your sports trading pin! Make your trading pins extra special with optional extras. Not sure which add on option to use? No Problem! Our customer care staff and artists have been designing sports pins since 2003 and we are here to help you make the perfect highly tradable sports pin!


Glitter is one of the cheapest ways to add pizzazz to your pins. Glitter reflects light and brings the design to life. You can add glitter to one color on your pin for 10 cents per pin or 15 cents per pin for two colors.


Add a jewelry-like effect to your pin with glass crystals that reflect light and add a bit of texture. Available in numerous colors and sizes they are perfect for adding extra detail to the eyes of a mascot. Crystals are 10 cents per crystal per pin.


A spinner is like a second pin joined on to the first which twists and turns. Highly sought after at tournaments, spinners an easy way to make a pin easier to trade. Spinners start at 65 cents per pin, and are based on size.

Glow In The Dark

Add a touch of glow-in-the-dark to your pins. Glow enamel is available in a limited range of colors, so only works with certain designs. However, if you know you want a pin to glow in the dark, let us know and we can design the perfect pin for you. Glow-in-the-dark enamel can be added to a pin for just 20 cents per color, per pin

Bobble Heads

Bobble heads are attached with a spring to give your pin a 3D effect. They move with the slightest touch, and are always in demand for trading. However, they are best for older kids as they are a little more fragile than other attachments. Bobbleheads start at 85 cents per pin.


Danglers are similar to sliders and spinners but they dangle off the main pin and are attached by a small chain. This adds an interactive element and creates a larger-sized pin which makes it super easy to trade. Danglers start at 65 cents per pin.


Sliders are very cool and easy to trade. A second, smaller pin is attached into a channel on the main pin and slides up and down. Starting at just 65 cents per pin, sliders are based on size.


No pins trade easier than those with a blinker. Highly sought-after they have a tiny little battery powered light that blinks when turned on. Blinkers work great for eyes, and really stand out at night. Blinkers are $1.25 for 1 and $2.24 for 2 per pin.

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