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Our MetalPromo Promotional Specials Page is your go-to  for exclusive deals and limited-time offers on our range of custom metal products. We regularly update this page with special discounts and seasonal promotions to provide you with exceptional value. Whether you're a first-time customer or a returning client, our Promotional Specials Page offers a variety of options to help you maximize your budget. By taking advantage of these promotions, you can get high-quality, customized metal products at unbeatable prices, making it easier for you to achieve your marketing or branding objectives.

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Available promos


    FREE custom backstamp for new customers ALL YEAR LONG!

    If you’ll spend $1000 on lapel pins, we will give you a FREE custom backstamp to up your lapel pin game! Simply use the code MPNEW23 on our quote form to apply.

    **This promotion cannot be combined with other specials or offers.

    MetalPromo New Customer Giveaway Deal - All Year Long

    Level up your lapel pin game this October with our October upgrade special!

    Order 200 pins or more, and GET a FREE ENAMEL UPGRADE (Glitter, Glow, or Translucent). Simply use the code MPFREE23 below on our quote form to apply!


    **Must order 200+ pins to qualify. Cannot be combined with other specials or offers.

    mp 102023 october freeupgrades facebook

    We're hitting the beginning of the Ber-Months with awesome discounts for ALL your lapel pin and Challenge Coin orders!

    GET $15 OFF on all Pin or Coin orders of 75-149, $25 OFF on all Pin or Coin orders of 150-299, and $40 OFF on all Pin or Coin orders of 300+. Simply use the code MPBER23 on our quote form to apply!


    **Discount amount is specific to the order quantity, and will be applied to the base pin price only. Cannot be combined with other specials or offers.

    mp 092023 bermonth metaldeals facebook

    School Year 2023-2024 is about to start, and that means school bands will  be jumpstarting the academic season with a bang… and music! Get in the school spirit and order pins to celebrate!

    We are offering an awesome 10% DISCOUNT on all Band and School orders of any quantity. Simply use the code MPSCHOOL23 on our quote form to apply!

    **Discount is applicable to base pin price only, upgrades not included. Cannot be combined with other specials or offers.

    mp 082023 schoolpridepromo facebook

    Lapel pins, sports trading pins, medals, challenge coins, metal business cards—you name it. In this second half of 2023, we’re taking our specials to new heights!

    Buy one order of any of our metal products, and GET 30% OFF if you’ll order any of the other metal products! Simply use the code MPMIDREORDER23 on our quote form to apply!

    **MOQ will depend on the metal product you’re ordering: Sports Pins-400+, Coins-200+, Medals-200+, Lapel Pins-200+, a 30% discount is applicable to the base metal product price only, and upgrades are not included.

    MetalPromo MidYear 2023 Special

    This month, we’re bringing in a new special that will give your coins a huge value and aesthetic boost. A game-changing upgrade for all your challenge coin orders is up for grabs!

    Buy a 3D Upgrade on your coin orders, and GET A FREE Antique Plating Upgrade! Simply use the code MPEXTREME23 on our quote form to apply!

    **Cannot be combined with other specials or offers.

    MetalPromo June 2023 Promotion

    Take you lapel pins to the next level this May! Grab this limited-time opportunity to strengthen your brand by adding a backstamp on you lapel pins with the design of your choosing.

    Spend $1000 on your lapel pin order and get a FREE CUSTOM BACKSTAMP! Simply use the promo code MPBACK23 on our quote form to apply!

    **Cannot be combined with other specials or offers.

    MetalPromo May 2023 Backstamp Special

    Get your pin and coin designs ready, because we’ve got awesome upgrade deals that are up for grabs only this April!

    Order 200+ coins, and get 1 FREE EDGE UPGRADE or order 300+ pins and get 30% OFF PREMIUM ENAMEL UPGRADE (Pearl, Thermal). Simply use the code MPAPRIL23 on our quote form to apply!

    **Cannot be combined with other existing promotions. Must order 200+ coins or 300+ pins to qualify.

    MetalPromo April 2023 Custom Metal Promotion