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Whatever type of custom metal product you are having made for your organization, team, or event the manufacturing process is fairly streamlined and standardized across the board. You will start with a design, either of your own creation or a design we created for you. From there, you will decide what type of materials and finish will be applied. There are several steps to the manufacturing process, and the complexity of the process depends on the complexity of the finished product and type of custom metal product.

In general, once your design is finalized it is then transferred to a sheet which is marked with the specifications of size and features. A mold is then made and cut to form the outline of the custom metal product. This is used to stamp the individual metal products onto a sheet of metal.

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Preparing to Get a Quote

Before you contact a manufacturer, you should have a few things settled in preparation for placing your order. Try to have a general idea of what you want. If you do not have a design, have a general idea of what you would like, such as the size, colors or logo if one is to be used. Know how many products you will need for the purpose of your company or event. Keep in mind the purpose of the custom metal product. Is it for employee recognition, a membership drive, a charity, sports team, festival, or a one-time, special purchase? Know what your budget requirements will allow, and stick within that range. After you have an idea then its time to finalize your design, materials, colors, back attachment (if applicable), and order size.

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Best Art Designs and Detailing Options

The best art design for your custom metal product is one which keeps it simple and gets your message or idea across to your target market at the same time.

If you have the time and an artistic inclination, you can design your metal promotional product yourself, or you can let our team of artists help you for no charge. Some companies will even hold contests among employees and their families or customers and the general public to help find a new logo or art design. If you do not have a design in mind, our talented team of artists will work with you to come up with a unique design that suits your company’s budget and specifications.

Check out some design our art team has made for medals, pins, cards, and other custom products.

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Pricing Information

Pricing depends on the quantity you need to have manufactured, the materials and finish you require, and any special details or enhancements that are to be added to the custom metal product. The more features you add in the way of lighting, jewels, dangles, and elaborate details, the higher your cost per pin. Since the manufacturing of custom metal products are labor intensive it is also time intensive, it is important to allow yourself enough time to get them manufactured. We do offer rush products but additional fees apply. The best way to save money and eliminate rush manufacturing and shipping fees would be to allow yourself 30 days to get your product manufactured.

Example of Lapel Pin Pricing

Example of Sports Pin Pricing

Example of Custom Coin Pricing

Example of Metal Card Pricing

Example of Fiesta Medal Pricing

Other Custom Metal Pricing

PMS Color Guide

Get an exact match for your corporate or team colors by giving our designers the Pantone references. We have created a PMS Color Guideof colors we can use to help you identify the color that most closely matches the color you want.

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Glitter Color Guide

We offer a wide variety of glitter color options for your custom metal product. In order to ensure we get as close as possible to your design requirements we have created a glitter color chart. Please refer to our chart and select the glitter that you want in your custom metal design.

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Sports Pin Options & Enhancements

Sports trading pins differs from lapel pins due to the purpose of sports pin trading. Adding one of these options to your sports pins ups the value of the pin when trading. This makes it easier for your child to trade their sport pins with the other teams. Certain enhancements such blinking lights can be so popular that they trade for 3 trading pins!

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Lapel Pin Options & Enhancements

Custom lapel pins can all be made extra special with optional enhancements. Enhance the look of your lapel pin by adding additional options to give it more pizzazz and make it stand out! Our team has been helping companies and events make custom lapel pins for years, let our talented team help you design the perfect custom lapel pin today! Click on the box below to view just some of our lapel pin options to customize.

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Custom Coin Options & Enhancements

Custom challenge coins are distinguished, personal, and unique. Add additional options to personalize and customize your custom coin. Make your custom challenge coin as unique as your purpose. Let our knowledgeable and trained team help you design the perfect custom challenge coin. We have many years of experience designing and producing military coins, police challenge coins, fire department coins, navy coins, marine challenge coins, corporate coins, religious coins, and club coins. We have done it all! We are here to help you with your custom metal project.

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