Wedding Invitations Card Ideas
May 19, 2022

Top 5 Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

There are so many different moving parts that go into planning your wedding. You've got to plan the caterers, choose the dress, and decide on a venue. And, you've also got to think about what you want your invitations to be like!

While there are plenty of different wedding invitation templates out there, if you want to create unique wedding invitations that really catch your audience's eye, you're in the right place. Check out this guide on 5 of the best wedding invitation ideas for making your day extra special.

1. The Minimalist Wedding Invitation

One of the easiest ways to invite your guests to your wedding is a simple, minimalist design. This wedding invitation is a great choice for printing on any material, too, thanks to its simple design.

For a simple, minimalist wedding invitation, you're going to want to choose a black and white or monochrome color scheme. This gives the invitation a simplistic look but still makes it look modern and edgy.

For a minimalist look, you can outline the invitation in a border of solid black against a white background or solid white against a black background. This will make the text on your page pop.

We recommend placing the wedding details in the center of the page for this design and bolding the names on the invitation. That way, the eye is drawn to the star of the show!

2. The Shaped Wedding Invitation

Who said wedding invitations had to be rectangular? One way to make your wedding invitation stand out from the crowd is to use a unique shape for your invitation.

You can play with shapes such as circles, hexagons, or even triangles. No matter what shape you choose, you can make your wedding invitation truly unique by thinking outside the box.

Another advantage of a shaped wedding invitation is that you can choose to use a fun material, such as making them out of metal or leather. This can really make your wedding theme stand out.

When you order invitations with a unique shape, you can get really creative with the colors and patterns you use in your design, too. Try playing with geometric patterns for hexagonal cards or using waves on a round design.

3. The Geode Wedding Invitation

Geodes are really in this season, and you can incorporate them into your wedding invitations, too. Geodes offer you an earthy way to create a wedding design.

One of the best things about geode wedding invitations is that you can use any color you like. That means that you can have your wedding colors on your invitation, helping to solidify your theme and make things more unique.

A geode pattern can also be as simple or complex as you like. You can have the geode pattern take up the entire invitation, or you can have it just seep into a corner of the invitation. Either way, you're sure to end up with a stunning invitation.

Finally, geode patterns look great on your envelopes as well. That means that you can match your wedding envelopes to your invitations, making them a little extra special.

4. The Destination Wedding Invitation

Are you having a destination wedding? If so, what better way to make your invitation stand out from the crowd than to play with the location of your wedding as part of your invitation design!

You can get really creative with this type of invitation. You could have custom illustrations drawn of your destination. Or, you could use photos of the location to get your guests excited.

metal wedding invitations

Another fun idea for this type of invitation is to use postcards. You can gather postcards from the different destinations that you've visited together and use them as the backdrop for your invitation.

You could also try drawing a map of the wedding destination. You can either have the map of the venue itself or of the country or city where the wedding will be held.

Destination weddings give you the perfect excuse to really get creative with every detail of your day. And, that means that you can get creative with your wedding invitations, too!

5. The Vintage Wedding Invitation

If you're a lover of vintage paraphernalia, you'll love the idea of a vintage wedding invitation. With a vintage invitation, you can match your design to whatever your favorite era is.

For instance, if you want to go for an 1800s wedding theme, you can choose elegant cursive fonts and invitations that replicate old, handmade paper. These can give your invitations a beautiful, timeless look.

custom metal wedding invitation

If you want a 60's themed wedding, you can choose bright colors common in the hippie era. Opt for flower power accents that really brighten your invitations and get people excited about your big event.

With a vintage wedding invitation, the possibilities are endless. You're able to design an invitation that really looks and feels like you while also celebrating your favorite time period.

Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Now that you've seen these five invitation ideas, you've got some great inspiration. With this guide on how to create a wedding invitation that you love, you're ready to get to work designing custom wedding invitations and inviting your guests to your big day! If you want to create metal cards that make your wedding invitations truly pop, be sure to get in touch with the team at Metalpromo. We'll help you craft stunning, custom metal wedding invitations that your guests simply can't say no to.

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